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The Benefits of 1-2-1 Pilates

Why would I want to attend a one to one Pilates session?

A one to one session allows a person to get the personal attention that you can’t achieve in a class. For people with health or injury issues this can be incredibly helpful and beneficial. Also everyone is motivated in different ways. Some people respond to being in a class – the social aspect of meeting the same people every week, exercising alongside people of the same ability. Others prefer a more personal approach, with the direct relationship with the instructor and accountability for sessions. So a one to one environment can feel more supportive and help build skills and confidence.

How is a one to one session different to group session?

Every one to one session is personalised to the client’s needs and wishes; the sessions go through a programme of exercises which is then emailed/text directly for you to work from at home. Some people come once a week and others come once a month with the programme designed forming the basis of what is worked on. The best thing is every session is different! A client can ask more questions which they would not necessarily be able to do in a class setting and also get more feedback for improvement.

Who can benefit from a one to one session?

Really everyone can; clients are a range of ages and abilities, some who have chronic pain, recovering from an injury or operation through to sports people who want to improve performance.

What about those with longstanding chronic conditions? Sometimes classes can be not specific enough for a person or they might be at the wrong pace or not fit in with a someone’s schedule. In the one to one setting we can look very closely at the positions that are causing discomfort, and start to find positions of ease. These positions are then used to very gradually build up the challenge of the exercises within a clients abilities. We focus more on activity than pain as often people find they improve in everyday activities before pain starts to decrease. The strong foundation that Pilates builds means that the person can function better with everyday activities.

I can be very versatile in the approach of a one to one session, so if you’ve got something in mind, why not book in and talk through your ideas?!

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