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Gemma had a successful career as a professional dancer, travelling the world on Cunard and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. She was always interested in Osteopathy after receiving treatment for a number of dance injuries.

Returning to the UK, she decided on a career change and embarked on a 5 year Masters Degree at The London School of Osteopathy, gaining a Distinction. Gemma's medical knowledge, plus technical skill enables her to provide a tailored experience that suits your needs. She is also an experienced Sports Massage Therapist and Western Medical Acupuncturist.

In her spare time, Gemma loves walking her Cavapoo, plus is always kept on her toes by her 14-year-old daughter!

Inga is a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist - qualifying with a Distinction. Her sports background has mainly been horse riding and equestrian vaulting but she is also an accomplished runner and surfer.

Inga is passionate and fascinated by anatomy and the body's ability to improve, push limits, overcome and heal.

Hello, I am Emma and I have one simple goal: to help you move!

Modern life often involves plenty of rushing, sitting and working but not enough healthy, purposeful movement. By regularly doing so, you will learn to reconnect with your body and enjoy a better relationship/awareness with it.

I have always had a passion for movement; I trained originally in dance working with companies such as Rambert and StopGap Dance Company. I found Pilates during my twenties and started taking regular classes as supplementary training; it was then I realised the importance of looking after my body, and not just pushing it!

The recovery after the birth of my second child drew me deeper towards Pilates, using it as time to build strength and mobility and reconnect to myself both mentally and physically. I then trained with BASI to become a Matwork Pilates instructor in order to pass on the benefits of Pilates for the body and mind!

As a movement instructor I have over 15 years of teaching experience working both in group and 1-2-1 settings and enjoy supporting my clients with their own individual goals. So whether you are super keen and confident or a little curious and cautious, I look forward to helping you discover the rewards of Pilates.

Natasha is a fully qualified Holistic Health Therapist and registered member of the Complementary Medical Association. After working in the palliative sector for many years, Natasha decided on a career change and some of her therapies include Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Massage with Meditation and Reflexology. She has a great passion for people and their well-being, working with mind-body and spirit. In her spare time, Natasha enjoys crystals, positive thinking and loves history.

Laura is a Registered adult nurse, Nurse Prescriber, Aesthetics Practitioner and Menopause wellness Therapist. She has 3 daughters and enjoys exercising, learning new skills, shopping and chocolate!

Stephanie, has worked in the NHS for over 10 years in primary, secondary and community care. During that time she trained in using the Propulse Ear Irrigation system, using this in her role until most NHS providers stopped offering it as part of their remit.

Looking into providing the service herself, Stephanie found TympaHealth and their world first system allowing safe, gold standard microsuction as well as digital imaging (so she can show you inside your ears) and hearing checks. It really is an all in one service.

Knowing that people prefer to be able to access services in their local community instead of long waiting lists, long journeys and parking charges associated with being referred to the hospital, Stephanie decided to research offering this service within her local area, in particular in Aylsham with its easy access, historical market place and free parking.


Initial Appointment: £68 (50mins)

Standard Appointments - £50 (30mins)

Sports Massage
45 minute treatment - £42

45 minute session - £45

Holistic Therapies with Natasha
From £25

Make an Appointment:
To book an appointment online CLICK HERE or
Call us on 07555 348631

Alternatively, please enquire using the form on the right and your call will be returned.

What to Expect

During your first visit you will be asked lots of questions! This is so we can gain as much information about you and your symptoms so to aid our diagnosis and treatment plan.

To make a diagnosis we may require for you to remove some clothing and you may be asked to dress down to your underwear. Your privacy will be respected at all times; allowing you to undress in private and a towel will be provided so that you can cover yourself. However, if you are uncomfortable undressing to your underwear, it is no problem wearing shorts and a t-shirt or crop top.

This will involve us assessing your posture and movement both standing and lying on the treatment table. Depending on how complex the problem is, you will be treated at the first appointment, however this may be minimal. The objective of the first appointment is to provide a diagnosis, what has contributed and what is possibly maintaining the problem. This is vital in order to provide treatment that is tailored to your needs.

Treatment Plan
We will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment plan, estimating the likely number of sessions needed to treat your condition effectively. If we think that your condition is unlikely to respond to osteopathic treatment, you will be advised about how to seek further care. Osteopaths are skilled in diagnostic techniques and trained to identify when a patient needs to be referred to a GP.

For more information as to what to expect please visit: www.osteopathy.org.uk